January 2018

Jai Shri Krishna

On Behalf Of Bharat Hindu Samaj Management Committee Members & Trustees, Wishing You All A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2018!

Last Year All The Events Were Celebrated In A Grand Manner With All Of Your Support & Involvement. We Look Forward To The Same (And Even More) In Terms Of Support, Encouragement & Involvement This Year Too. Special Thanks To All The Volunteers Who Have Helped Us In Making All The Festival Celebrations In 2017 A Grand Success. I Am Sure God Will Shower The Choicest Of Blessings For You All.

Please Support BHS By Joining/Renewing Your Membership, As That Will Go A Long Way In Strengthening BHS & Enables The Future Generation To Follow/Experience Our Culture & Tradition.

Request To Members:

Pooja Bookings: Booking For The Pooja For Any BHS Events Has To Be Done At Least 24hrs Earlier To The Start Time Of The Pooja. So, Booking For Any BHS Pooja Events After This Deadline (I.E. Within 24 Hours Of The Pooja Start Time) Will Not Be Accommodated/Encouraged, As It Creates Confusion/Chaos For The Poojari, Organisers & Volunteers. If Members Still Prefers To Book For The Pooja At The Last Minute, It Can Be Done Only Based On The Availability Of Aasan. We Request To Help & Support Us In This Regard.

The Following Are The Code Of Conduct That Are Applicable To All The Devotees (Irrespective Of Whether They Are Members/Non-Members) At The Mandir:

A) During Aarti Timings All The Devotees Those Who Attend The Aarti Are Requested Not To Move Around In The Mandir, As This Disturbs The Poojari As Well As Other Devotees Who Attend The Aarti.

B) During Any BHS Events When The Pooja Is Being Performed At The Mandir, Devotees Are Requested To Avoid Coming Near The Deities, Avoid Performing Abishek, Avoid Offering Prayers Etc. Unless Otherwise Specifically Instructed/Permitted By The Poojari. This Is To Ensure That There Are No Disturbances/Problems Are Caused To The Poojari As Well As Other Devotees Who’re Involved In The Pooja/Event.

C) It Is Also Requested That The Devotees Refrain From Putting Up Chairs Etc. & Sitting In Front Of The Idols/Deities During Pooja/Aarti Timings (Unless Otherwise Specifically Instructed By The Poojari – Where They’re Involved In Pooja Related Activities E.G. Volunteers Helping During Pooja Etc.) Such That, They Block The View Of The Idols/Deities For Others In The Mandir.

D) We Request The Yajmans Those Who Sponsor Any BHS Event Are Requested To Be At The Mandir At Least 30 Mins Prior To The Start Time Of The Event.

BHS Membership 2018 – 2019: You Could Renew Your Membership From 1st April 2018 (For The BHS Calendar Year April 2018 – March 2019) , Please Note That It Will Be £15/- Per Adult ONLY Until Sunday, 7th October 2018. After That, As Per Standard Practice, The Membership Fee Will Be £20/- Per Adult From Monday, 8th October 2018 Until 31st March 2019 For The Membership Calendar Year Mentioned Above.

Gayathri Balasubramanian

Secretary – On Behalf Of The BHS Management Committee & Trustees