Request on spreading the word: GDPR Consent & Communication to Members from BHS.

Dear Member,

Thanks for your co-operation in submitting your GDPR Consent. 
In spite of all the efforts taken by the BHS Management Committee & Trustees, we can see that a good number of members are yet to provide their consent, in this regard.
So, this email is a request to you from the BHS Management Committee & Trustees to spread the word about submitting ‘GDPR Consent’ to your fellow community people/members who haven’t yet submitted their GDPR Consent.
The reason for such a request is because, without the consent from members the legislation prohibits us from sending General Communications (other than Admin related) which includes BHS Newsletters etc.

What you can do to help BHS?

Please speak to our community people (friends, acquaintances, family members etc.) who are BHS members that you come across and spread a word about the importance of submitting the GDPR Consent form, which is essential to receiving general communications from BHS.

Thanks in advance for your understanding, help & support in this regard.


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